About Us

Meet Our Team

Leonard Burts, Founder

Leonard founded Burts Construction, Inc. and continues to be a major contributor to the company.

Katherine Burts, President

In 1984, Katherine became the President of Burts Construction, Inc.

I am currently the Ranch Manager for Burts Ranch, our family-owned and operated game ranch located in historic Kinney county in Bracketville, Texas. Burts Ranch is highly managed, producing some of the best Southwest Texas native deer. I also operate Burts Ranch Services, which supports the Burts Ranch as well as several other ranches in Southwest Texas and the Hill Country.

I am the grandson of Leonard and Katherine Burts. Having grown up in and around Burts Construction, it was a natural fit to to join the company after graduating from Concordia Lutheran in Tomball in 2003. I currently oversee all operations of Burts Construction, and I am also the chief pilot for our company helicopter. I’m married to Amanda, and we have 2 labs, Bailey and Nala. I love to fish, hunt, and work on the family ranch and farm. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends and cooking on the BBQ pit.

I am the first person you will see and/or speak to at Burts Construction. I receive the bid invites from the General Contractors and get them to our estimating department. Once we are awarded a project, I coordinate with the General Contractors to help keep the project running smoothly and efficiently. I wear several other hats at Burts from assisting our controller with accounts receivable to handling our payroll. I am proud member of the auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars and enjoy volunteering in many capacities.

After graduating from the University of Houston, I spent many years in law enforcement and the IT field. I joined Burts Construction in 2008 and began working in the estimating and IT departments. My current function is the estimating and IT department manager, where we process over 100 bid proposals per month. I also contribute to Burts Construction by guiding hunts at their company ranch in Kinney County, Texas.

After graduating from the University of Iowa, I have had 46 years of experience in the accounting and computer fields with big and small companies alike. I handle the billing, accounts receivable, and other financial functions for Burts. I really enjoy working here as everyone is like family. I like to fish, tend my garden, travel, cook, and shop. I am married with three children and four grandchildren. Originally from the Chicago area, I moved to Texas in 2004.

Originally from Houston, I grew up north of there in Splendora. After graduating from Cleveland high school, I joined the Army where I served as a tank mechanic in the 52nd Motorized Rifle Regiment. In 1989, I began working for a large construction company in West Palm Beach, Florida, servicing company equipment. After years in equipment service, I wanted to learn how to operate, starting first as a laborer and working my way to operator. When it comes to dirt-moving equipment, I’ve operated nearly all of it, and held almost every position in this industry. I enjoy spending time with my family and coaching youth athletics.

I spent many years working in pre-press and large format printing industry where I became proficient with digital computer processes. After joining the Burts team in 2009, I have used those skills to advance the estimating department to a level well above our competition in the number of proposals generated on a daily basis. I also support the field with information needed for ongoing projects.

Our History

Cinque Terre

Although Burts Construction has grown considerably and become a trusted name in the industry — working for many of the largest general contractors in Texas — we have not strayed far from our humble beginnings (Burts Construction Office, circa 1971).